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Thought for the day (1)

Being a man or woman is a state of mind. You’re powerful and made of the same components as of a star, you don’t need to define yourself. Shine your brightest! Advertisements

Living by the norms

We’ll send in you in extracurricular classes when you’re young Because we want to know what are you’re good at Not so that you can improve and may find your field of excellence But because […]

Things you should know by the time you are in your 20s

Managing your Social accounts This might seem a pretty obvious thing which everyone knows but trust me I have had people ask me when they have no clue what to do when they lose a […]

7 types of buddies in every college group

The ever ready battery This person is ready to bunk 24×7, you just need to say the word and they will sneak out of their lectures to accompany you. It’s like a duty call for […]