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Thought for the day(6)

“​Behold how much wood is kindled by how small a fire, and the tongue is fire- that’s the truth. ” Gilead A  novel by Marilynne Robinson Advertisements

Thought for the day(4)

When everything seems to be against you, think about how the clouds thunder before showering the soothing rain, how the storm comes before the rainbow shines, how the tectonic plates push up against each other […]

Thought for the day(3)

Implement and see the difference!

A little motivation

Never underestimate yourself. There are plenty of people around to do that. You are the best motivator for yourself, be the lion of the jungle not a sheep in the herd. >

Thought for the day (3)

The calmer you are in an argument the more chances you have of winning it because only the one who knows his point is worthless raises his voice to lay more emphasis on his ‘wrong’ […]

Thought for the day (1)

Being a man or woman is a state of mind. You’re powerful and made of the same components as of a star, you don’t need to define yourself. Shine your brightest!