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Get free Stock images for your Blog from these 5 sites!

Sometimes the hardest part of writing a blog is choosing the photo. The research is done; the tedious process of editing is complete, and all of the links and citations have been placed in the right spots. But when it comes time to select a header or body photo, you get stuck. While picking an image […]

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This is the Purpose of Life!

No matter what religion you follow, or if you don’t follow any. The purpose of life is to seek happiness. At first, happiness seems very easy to have but in reality its the complete opposite. Happiness is not affected by the environment around you, it is all about how well your mind is trained. Here […]

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How to learn FASTER and retain it for a longer time

Whether you are a student in school or college or you just want to learn a new skill, learning something new is always exciting. But did you know that there is a way to learn things quickly and retain them for a longer time? Skip the laptop, use pen and paper First step is, skip […]

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How is Facebook preventing the sharing of explicit content online?

Facebook has come up with a unique method for resolving the issue of sharing porn and other explicit content on the social platform. There have been various instances where people take revenge, over breakups or fights by posting other’s nude pictures. This has a harmful effect on the victim and even makes them socially conservative […]

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