How to increase your Blog’s Traffic: Essential Steps!

Your hard work and sweat that goes into writing and publishing a blog post can go all in vain with a poor marketing strategy. Though it can seem tedious to spend as much as time marketing as you did for developing the content, it is an unskippable step!

After you hit publish on your blog post, you have just a drop of water in the vast blue ocean. If you don’t have a plan on how to bring it to the surface, it will sink down below. So, here I’m sharing with you some tips to increase traffic on your blog organically by developing and following a marketing strategy.

Facebook Groups

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Facebook Groups are a great way to gain traffic from like-minded people who are bloggers like you. There are many groups where you can share your posts on their wall for engagement or get inspired by other bloggers as well. With over one billion active users, Facebook is the #1 social media platform. If you’re not leveraging this to grow your blog, you need to start as soon as possible. Following are some groups you can join in sharing your blog posts:


The Blog Loft
Blog Promo Community
Boost Your Blog Traffic
Bloggers Get Social
Blogging Network
Social Media Network Group
Inspired BN Promos
Bloggers Supporting Bloggers
The Blogger Life
Bloggers: Comment Exchange
Blog Life
Show Your Blog Love
Grow Your Blog
Bloggers Mastermind
Blog Love
Blogging On Your Own Terms
The Savvy Bloggers
Build It Up Bloggers Connection
Blog Big
Blog + Biz BFFs
Blog Meets Blog
Blogger Connection Support and Promotions
Bloggers’ Community
Bloggers Community
Authentic Blogger
Bloggers United
Blogging Boost




Twitter is the trend’s hub. It can make things go viral! Sharing your blog posts on Twitter can make a huge difference to the traffic you receive on your blog. But that doesn’t mean simply copy-pasting. Always use genuine meaningful captions and relevant hashtags along with your blog post’s link. A great tool for finding out trending hashtags that relate to your content is Simply enter a keyword and it analyzes and displays the relatable most popular hashtags and their week, month trend. Use these Hashtags along with the caption and not just the hashtags because it looks spammy.



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StumbleUpon is one of the best traffic generators among the top seven social media sites, referring more than other social bookmarking and voting sites. According to Quora, the site boasts over 15 million members.Because when a user likes, or stumbles, a particular page, it is put into the StumbleUpon lineup. As other StumbleUpon users are randomly searching for new content on a specific topic using the Stumble button on their toolbar, any pages in the lineup for that topic will be displayed to them. You stumble by clicking the thumb up button. This is equivalent to liking the article. On the contrary, the thumbs down doesn’t mean you necessarily dislike the article. It simply means you don’t want the site to show you articles like this again. You’re not interested.












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