Instagram’s brand NEW FEATURE! Stalkers will love it.

DapperInstagram has just added a new feature called the ‘Activity Status’ that lets people know when you were last active just like on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger app.
When you open Instagram Direct, in the messaging or DM section, there will be an activity status displayed on the account’s whose messages you have. It’ll show when they were last active or if they are active right now.

But all is still good as you can turn off this feature too. Simply go to the settings in the Instagram app and switch off the tab that says ‘Show Activity Status’. It works in the same way as WhatsApp where if you have your status hidden, you can’t see other’s status as well.


Instagram began with a platform for sharing pictures and now is gradually becoming like a second Facebook. Do you like these changes? Or do you want it to remain as it was?