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What should your ROLE MODEL be like

Source: thefrugalmodel.com

Optimistic – Ideal role models should be optimistic. Tough situations appear in everyone’s life, one can a make a difference by looking for the good side in everything, looking for opportunities even when the clouds are stormy in the sky. Your role model should be optimistic because looking up to him or her, you should want to be like them.

Source: wikihow

Confident – Confidence can be seen in everything that a person does. It is reflected in every little thing. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you’re optimistic, you’re confident as well. Your role model should be confident because it can be difficult to learn from a person lacking it.


Source: timesheetes.com

Hardworking – It is an essential quality that your role model must have. There is no shortcut to success, nobody justs get lucky. It’s the hard work they did, that pays off in the end. If you are not hardworking then reaching your goal will not be possible.

Source: soofos.nl

Knowledgeable – Having a role model who is not knowledgeable in the fields which you are interested in, leads to a problem because then how will you be able to learn from them if they don’t have any knowledge about it in the first place? You should look for a role model who possesses enough amount of knowledge and knows what they’re talking about so as not to confuse or mislead you.


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