Jobs that will disappear in the coming 10 years


Farming was huge when it came to employment numbers back in the day, this has changed dramatically. You might still see farming as human labour intensive in the underdeveloped parts of the world but on a macro level, it has already been automated with very few specially trained individuals that operate heavy machinery.


Printers and Publishers

The newspaper is dying. Traditional media is suffering as the internet is eating up everything. You no longer need to get the news from the newspaper, you can get them from Twitter or live streams online. Big brands are struggling to find their place in this online first environment.


America alone has 8 million people working as cashiers and in-store salespeople. Amazon is running a test on Amazon Go, a self-checkout store that doesn’t need any cashier. The use of sensors is on the rise and you just have to enter the store and leave with what you need, you’ll be billed automatically to your Amazon account.

Travel Agents

There is now no need for a third person to book the flight or hotel, thanks to the companies like Airbnb and Oyo.

Manufacturing workers

When Industrial revolution hit all the people were shifted to work in factories. With the advancement in technology, these same people were put in charge of building machines that build other machines that will eliminate the need for humans.


There is already a decrease in the number of telemarketers. Their entire industry has been taken over by targeted ads all around the internet and on all of your devices. Facebook isn’t a charity, it uses all the data from the things you like, click on or engage with, batch them and sell them to other companies.


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