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Never forget where you parked again. Use Google Maps smartly!

Hey everyone? Most of us have Google Maps installed on our smartphones but are we using it to its maximum capability? Usually, people use Google Maps to find their way by simpling entering a destination and starting the directions from their location with the help of GPS in the smartphone. Well, in this post I will tell you new ways in which Google Maps can come in handy in your daily chores.


Find where you parked your car

Whether you are going to a dinner outside or shopping in the mall over the weekend. The crowdy multi-storeyed parking can sometimes make it difficult to remember where you parked your car. Normally, what we do is take a picture of the parking lot around our car, note down the pole number or the parking spot serial to find our car later. But, there’s a simpler way with Google Maps. When you park your car, sitting inside, open the app and click on the blue dot that represents your current location. You’ll see a popup which has the third option as ‘save your parking’. Viola! It’s that sample. Now when you’re done shopping and on your way back, simply click on this saved location and you’ll be guided right back to your car without any trouble of having to remember the pole number or the pictures of the lot.


Find your missing friend in a crowded place

Often, when in a crowdy place or when on a call with your lost friend on the roads, we are trying our best to make the other person understand the directions we’re giving. And let’s face it, not everybody can direct perfectly nor everybody can understand. Be smart and use the Google Maps! Open the app, tap on the blue dot and choose the option that says ‘share your location’. Send your location to your friend and then he or she can simply turn on the directions on their smartphone and reach you easily.


Calculate the time of your journey

Are you headed to an important meeting and stuck in a cab in the morning traffic jam? You might think of other ways like taking a metro or a train, which will be faster? Where do I have the best chances? Open the Google Maps and enter your destination, you’ll get the time it’ll take to reach from the cab and by metro and now you know what is the best for you.


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