Being CATCALLED. It is time to teach our sons, brothers and friends.

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Do you know what is means by catcalling someone? If you’re a women, you not only just know it, you most probably have experienced it too. I’ll be really happy if the catcalling is a new term for you, means you haven’t had the horrible instances walking down the street. While this may be an important issue for some, for others it is a small thing that has been made a big deal of. I’ve heard people react to such stories about being catcalled with answers like, ‘Oh! Its normal, happens with everybody. You’re not the queen of the England, don’t be fussy.’ Do you see where the problem lies? It has become so frequent that it has passed into people’s system as something that is bound to happen, its better not to react to it and just go with it.

How does catcalling begin? Well, it doesn’t take much. You just have to walk down the street, simply just take a walk and there will be men gawking at you, like a walking slice of pizza. It has become a habit to always, ALWAYS put the entire blame on the way the women is dressed up. But where are the rules and regulations that tell you which clothes make you more prone to be catcalled? I think I missed it, send me a copy of that issue any one. Don’t think of me as a man-hater, I’m not blaming the whole men’s population here. I’m here simply sharing my views and experiences.

What does it feel like to be catcalled? I’ve seen some people, people whom I know, catcall like it’s a joke. When you try to correct them, you will find yourself tagged as bossy or we’re just kidding anyway, you need to chill. Stepping out of the house, feeling beautiful about myself (not-because-am-wearing-short-revealing-clothes) and I am welcomed by such waiting warm eyes. People literally, turn back and keep staring till the moment I am in their sight. Has this ever happened to you? I hope not. I appreciate the women who boldly pass these men, not letting it affect them. Not letting them influence her decision of what should I wear today. I guess, that’s all we can do for now, be ignorant and walk-by.

How can we eradicate this? We need to talk. Talk and share. Mothers who have had such experiences should share them with their sons, tell them how they felt so that their sons may never do it themselves. Same goes for sisters and friends. SPEAK UP. Speak up about what happens with you in the outside world, share it with your loved ones. The more this issue is acknowledged, the easier you are making for all us women to walk out tomorrow.


Author: GarimaBhaskar

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  1. Very correct. Have heard about it. But Thankfully, no one in my circle has ever done it. Agree that a larger awareness through mothers/sisters sharing it with their sons/brother’s shall reduce this menace and establish the d8gnity of women irrespective of their dress at al.

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  2. I don’t see or hear of this happening much these days where I live, I think its become unacceptable to most people thank goodness!


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