No, I won’t do it like a GIRL.

No, I won’t do it like a girl.

I won’t silence my own voice because I’ve a tender image set by the society to live upto.

I won’t sit cross legged because ‘people’ think it’s the way to be well-mannered.

I won’t choose my career according to the groom who isn’t even here in the present.

I won’t settle for a housewife when I can be independent & proud.

I won’t hesitate to choose the unbeaten path because girls have to extra cautious.

I won’t run timidly because girls aren’t supposed to appear ‘manly’.

I won’t slim down my waist to get your approval of being the perfect size.

I won’t negotiate on the salary because of the pointless argument that men work more.

I won’t be thinking twice before prepping up for a party because my clothes define me.

What I’ll do is,

Beat the odds.

Not like a girl, not like a boy. Like an independent individual.

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