Setup your free WordPress blog in 5 easy steps

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Here are 5 easiest steps to setup your free WordPress blog!

  1. Go to the WordPress website: and sign up for an account. Use an email that you use the most frequently.
  2. Be prepared with a name you want for your blog. As you are choosing the free plan, your blog address will be like ‘’. Along with this, you will be asked to choose a language and username. When you are done submitting this info, click on ‘Create Blog’.
  3. Check your inbox of the email that you just provided. There will be a registration link you have to click on after which your WordPress account is active!
  4. Login to your new account with your username/email and password and click on Dashboard. In the Dashboard, there is an option named ‘themes’. Browse for the free themes and choose the one you find the most appropriate for your blog niche.
  5. Last but not the least, after applying a theme, start customizing. Add widgets to your sidebar and footers. Some of the vital widgets are following button, follow via email, Instagram, Gravatar, Tag cloud, Search and Google translate.

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