Real People, Real Stories ( Part – 8)

Hey, everyone! Are you familiar with the blog post series ‘Real people, Real stories’? It is a series I started back in December 2016 with a wish to get to hear the travel stories from the travellers themselves and see how they photograph their memories on the journey. Today we have someone from Slovenia.

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Name: Thomas Sanderson

Current Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia



He says…

I’m Tommy, a almost 22 year old Events Management graduate from the UK. As of right this second I am unemployed and still a full time student pursing my career in teaching. Over the past 4 years of my degree I have traveled and lived in various places which will continue to be the case as I carry on through life. I love to uproot my life and drop it somewhere new, somewhere exciting, somewhere different. Through pursing teaching I hope to open up a completely new set of opportunities to travel, with the goal to teach English as a foreign language to those in various countries. Whilst visiting the places of the world I make sure I do as much explore as humanly possible in the time frame I have. Always getting lost and always taking pictures. I never leave the house without my DSLR, which you can tell by my Instagram (tomsandersonn). Although I have spoken about my degree and passion for teaching, photography is also at the top of that list. For me its a chance to document my sights and experience as close to the real thing as possible. It allows me to relive moments and perspectives. By sharing these photos on social platforms I am able to also help transport others to their favourite places or places they want to go. The colours, the depth, the frame and the positioning are all things I have fallen in love with over time. There is no better feeling than traveling around the world and having the motivation to wake up at 5am in order to capture the beauty that is the sun rising. Truly breath taking. Up until recently I semi-lived in Ljubljana, Slovenia, which enabled my love for landscape photography come alive. The contrasting colours of the mountain range underneath the depths of the sky really had me inspired. There is no better feeling than the taste of adventure in the air, waiting for you. I will travel anywhere and everywhere in order to experience the truly enriching parts of life. My year ahead will be slow and peaceful, staying in one place whilst I complete my studying. This gives me the time and the resources to plan my next crazy adventure one that I hope you can follow me on. Don’t forget to keep up to date with my Instagram uploads (tomsandersonn) and read all about my past and present traveling experiences on my blog ( If you have any questions or queries about anything I have spoken about or featured in my work feel free to ask away. Always wanting to connect with others. Many thanks, Tommy.




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