DabbaMeal ( Tiffin Service Provider) : Review

DabbaMeal serves tiffin services in Noida & Indirapuram. You can check it out on Zomato. It’s located in Sector-62, Noida with a meal for two costing just around Rs.200. It’s open from 7:30 am to 11 pm.
I tried the Non-veg Deluxe Dabba and a vegetarian rice box from their menu which is 14 days cyclic. There are separate cooks for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

The vegetarian rice box was delicious and the quantity was more than enough for one person. The rice, perfectly cooked and not too oily. It was cooked with a bunch of fresh vegetables like capsicum, onion, sauteed peppers, paapad, pineapples, jalapenos and even paneer. Tastes like a fresh farmhouse!

The non-veg Deluxe Dabba comes with different varieties of chicken on different days. I had the Amritsari chicken, which I found to be a little sweet but I guess that’s just the thing about it being Amritsari. Also, there was rice, salad, Gulab Jamun and a vegetarian dish that can be either dal or chhole. Everything was quite light to eat, a kind of food that you can eat on a daily basis without getting any heavy feeling in your stomach.

The prices are pretty affordable for a common man, so I suggest that the next time you’re hungry and looking for a Dabba to hog on! Place an order with DabbaMeal.


Author: GarimaBhaskar

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