Pop some colors in your streets

Park at the yellow spot, please ?
On the streets of Ladakh, a religious Buddhist flag swings to the cold breeze
Childhood loses its color on the streets
Fancy some fruits?
Dogs in hilly regions, look so sad and bloated. I wonder why ?
Buy a balloon, share a smile
Life in the fast lane, don’t let the moments pass by in a blur
As relaxed as those legs

All the pictures have been clicked by Canon Powershot and Asus Zenfone 2 , further edited on Adobe Photoshop.

See more at : https://www.instagram.com/garimagreen  


Author: GarimaBhaskar

Hey! Good to see you here. I am a person with varied interests. I'm a Software Engineer by the degree and Photographer, Content Writer & Artist by hobby. This is a multi-niche blog where you'll find everything from a smartphone to inspiration. I offer services like Product Photography, Blogger shoots, Graphic Designing and Promotional posts that blend in with the blog's theme. Shoot me a mail at garimashares@gmail.com for any queries you might have!

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