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Are we going back to the times when women lived inside 4 walls?


Just read a post on So Delhi, they sourced it via India Today.

Read their complete post here: https://so.city/#!/delhi/article/delhi-police-is-now-telling-us-that-banning-ladies-nights-in-hkv-will-solve-all-safety-issues

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Guide to stay safe in Delhi for all the women out there ( 7 rules )



  1. Don’t get all dolled up when you leave your home, it is completely your fault for tempting decent men out there.
  2. Don’t wear short clothes which include everything except a traditional Indian suit or a saree. Short clothes are a way of communicating that you are a slut. But wait, doesn’t the saree expose your abdominal area? Nevermind, its tradition. Tradition is never wrong.
  3. Don’t wear bright and bold red lipstick, you aren’t a celebrity walking down the red carpet. You are an average woman walking down the road surrounded by people that make you feel at home. Sometimes, a bit too much.
  4. If someone is passing comments on you, doing indecent actions then don’t react just walk along. Do not share your experiences with anyone because you know it deep down it was your mistake as you didn’t follow the rules mentioned above.
  5. Teach your friends, daughters to stay at home. Home is where the world is. We the women are made to organise our homes, cook and clean. Don’t make attempts to match up with the men in society. You have no identity of your own.
  6. Don’t go partying around with your friends after 7:00 pm. Obviously, when going to a party you’ll break the 1,2 & 3 rules. Beware of the consequences.
  7. Don’t post your pretty pictures on the social media, it is just another way of luring and enticing harmless men of our society.

(    Hoping you would get the sarcasm )



Real people, Real stories(1)

Recently, I have been thinking of how it is not possible for me to see the world, travel every nook and corner no matter how badly I want to. But as I know my town, the places I have visited nearby, so do the people around the globe. If we see them together, then if every person from a different corner of the world shares their travel stories and photographs, we’ll probably get to see and know the places we might never see otherwise

So, I have thought of choosing one person from a place I am unknown to, asking them to share their stories and pictures. The people who share them, get to make their photographs and experiences read by many people and who read it will get to visit those places virtually by the real people and their real stories.


Name : Anant Saini

Location : Greater Noida,  India

Instagram : Anant Saini

He says…

I like to travel, not because it is trending, not because it is cool to show that I have visited a place or to have fun with friends.

Travelling is something which gives me immense peace within. This is something is guess everyone should do at regular periods of time.

I don’t use cabs or flights or any easy transport instead go raw, travel like a banjara, get in slums and weird streets to actually see how the place is and what it really holds within it.

I use my cellphone, moto g2 for my photographs. Mostly, 95% are with them.

why keep the beauty of a place just to yourself? let other see how beautiful these places are.

the places I have been visiting, it’s obvious everyone knows about them.but the sad part is no one really gets up and move their ass to visit them.

after the posts on Instagram I usually get a text a two about the place and my trip.

I explain them how cheap and manageable the trips are to these places and hopefully, within the same year, I see at least 5-6 groups visiting the same exact place to which they were hesitating previously. That’s much about me and my feed.

Following are his pictures :

Flag Counter

The Northern Ridge, Delhi

A day out in the Northern Ridge which is one of the four zones into which the Ridge is divided into. They are:

  1. The Old Delhi or  Northern Ridge ( 87 hectares )
  2. The New Delhi or Central Ridge ( 864 hectares )
  3. The Mehrauli or South-Central Ridge ( 633 hectares )
  4. The Tughlaqabad or Southern Ridge (6200 hectares )

All the pictures have been clicked by Asus Zenfone 2 and corrected by Picsart.