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Living by the norms

We’ll send in you in extracurricular classes when you’re young Because we want to know what are you’re good at Not so that you can improve and may find your field of excellence But because […]

Newly found world

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The newly found world to me Which I delve into everyday & it dazzles me How can something be so immaculate? The eyes that go deep inside to look To see…

A deep cellar

Often a getaway to the past,
is a deep cellar
dusty, old, dark

Winters in words

What are winters to you? This is what it is to me, how it feels , in a few lines.

Ocean of emotions

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? Ocean of emotions, Deserted beneath the skies, With nowhere to reach, No hope lies. Abandoned. Alone. Hidden in the crowd you moan, Hoping for the sun to rise, To bring…

Vandalize the nature

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Don’t you adore the clear blue skies which which stretch beyond the scope of your eyes Don’t you adore the mighty strong mountains in the wake of which you see the…

I dream 

On some days, I dream of the mountains Other days,a stroll deep into the woods I dream of how will it  feel To leave everything behind And let my little heart heal From all the […]