Intel launches new technology to prevent cyber attacks

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Intel launched silicon-level cyber threat detection technology on 17 April to protect customers’ data without compromising the performance along with minimising the consumption of power.
Intel launched “Intel Threat Detection Technology(Intel TDT)”, a set of silicon-level capabilities that will detect new classes of threats, and “Intel Security Essentials”, a framework that standardises built-in security features across Intel chips.


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“We are also announcing a strengthened academic partnership with Purdue University in the US to help accelerate the development and availability of cybersecurity talent,” Rick Echevarria, Vice President, Software and Services Group General Manager, Platforms Security Division at Intel, said in a statement. “Intel Threat Detection Technology” leverages silicon-level functionality to aid organisations in improving the detection of advanced cyber threats. Intel also announced implementation plans by Microsoft and Cisco.

“This standard set of capabilities will accelerate trusted computing as customers build solutions rooted in hardware-based protections,” Intel says. “Further, these capabilities, directly integrated into Intel silicon, are designed to improve the security posture of computing, lower the cost of deploying security solutions and minimize the impact of security on performance.”

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