Can you make money from Blogging ? Here is how!

Earn from your BlogBlogging is a multitasking job, it is definitely not for people who can’t handle more than one kind of work at a time. Being a Blogger, you have to be your own PR, Photographer, SEO Analyst, Content Writer, UI Designer etc. You don’t have anyone else to put the blame on if something goes wrong. Everything has to be controlled by you alone.

In the initial stages of blogging, it can be quite overwhelming seeing the tremendous dedication it requires to keep your blog active and up to date. Once you have got the hold of it, producing engaging content at regular intervals, you can start earning money from your blog. If you think you haven’t reached that stage yet, stage at which you get about 10,000 hits a day, then I suggest you go through the following blog posts which will guide you to take your blogging game up a level,

There are many ways by which you can earn through your blog, some of them are:

  • CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) Ads 


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As the name suggests, in CPC ads you get paid every time a viewer clicks on the ad and in CPM, you get paid every time the ad crosses the 1000 impressions mark. The most widely used network for these kinds of ads is Google Adsense. To use Google Adsense on your blog, it should be self-hosted. doesn’t support Adsense but has Adwords available instead. Adsense does all the hard work for you regarding what ads to display to whom, all that you have to do is choose the position where the ads would be displayed. Some of the Adsense alternatives are , InfoLinks and Chitika.


  • Affiliate Marketing


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Affiliate Marketing works in a way in which you place the link for a product of a company and the company agrees to pay you some percentage of the sales made through your link as commission. The link given to you is unique and has the ability to track the sales made from your links specifically. You can add this link directly or make a banner for it. If the viewer clicks on it and further goes on to make the purchase then you get the commission money in your wallet. As simple as that! Amazon Associates is a popular choice for affiliate marketing. You may also check out Flipkart’s Affiliate Program.


  • Sell your own products

If you’re creative you can sell your own products like E-books, Workshops, Guides and Lightroom Presets.

  • Build your Brand Identity

Build your Brand Identity with a database of viewers who are loyal and consider what you say true. Once people start converting into loyal followers, you can start reviewing various places or products. A well-structured review of all the relevant information about the place or product can highly recommend them to people. By this, brands will begin approaching you on their own to offer you freebies or a paid promotional posts to utilize the benefits of your loyal followers of the blog and other social media handles. You can get invited to events as well. I began blogging in mid-2016, but I learned and developed it to what it is now in early 2017. My first invite was from Lemon Tree Hotels and from then onwards its going great! Just when I thought my efforts are going in vain, no one is interested in my blog. So, the moral is, keep doing what you do the best without any diminishing efforts and you’ll definitely be recognized.


Author: GarimaBhaskar

Hey! Good to see you here. I am a person with varied interests. I'm a Software Engineer by the degree and Photographer, Content Writer & Artist by hobby. This is a multi-niche blog where you'll find everything from a smartphone to inspiration. I offer services like Product Photography, Blogger shoots, Graphic Designing and Promotional posts that blend in with the blog's theme. Shoot me a mail at for any queries you might have!

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  1. I visited your website by searching best jobs in 2018. I read that post as well ok here it is i want to start a blog and for the past 6 months I was not able to decide a topic and also not sure whether my writing skills are good enough to write content and attract visitors.

    A) So, how to start a blog and what to do?
    B) What points to keep in mind?

    kindly connect or Mesumit on Twitter to discuss thoroughly.

    Thanks and Have a nice day.


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  2. This is an intriguing subject that a lot of bloggers are interested in.
    I would like to have deeper information though. How do you monetize your blog with affiliate offers?
    How do your make them convert?
    How many visitors do you need?
    I am getting sporadic commissions on my blogs, however I am not satisfied with the level of earnings. (See the link I provided.) I am very much interested in your data and thoughts.

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    1. I would love to explain everything to you Peter. Affiliate Marketing though might look simple like put a link and get commission paid! It takes good amount of efforts and analyzing your existing as well as potential customers. Will it be okay with you if I write the next post on this in depth?


  3. I am so excited about partnering with companies and brands. We are about 6 months into blogging and we have been very pleased with the way our site has been monetized. More than what we every could have imagined. I am hoping that within the next few months we will break 10,000 monthly views! 🙂

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