He is the richest and the most generous too! Things you didn’t know about Bill Gates

  1. He has been known as the world’s richest person commonly, but did you know that he has been Forbes’ world’s richest man for 17 years and is still the richest. When he was young, he wanted to be a millionaire by the time he was 30 and he became a billionaire by the age of 31 in reality.
  2. He is a very charitable human being. Throughout his life, he has given about 27 billion dollars to charity through the charitable organization he set up with his wife- Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. He has pledged to give 95% of his earnings to charity throughout his life.
  3. The first computer program that Bill Gates wrote was of a tic tac toe game at the age of thirteen. His school upon seeing his creativity, gave him the job of coding the program to schedule the school’s classes. He scored 1590 out of 1600 on his SATs regardless of being a college drop out.
  4. Gates bought a collection of Da Vinci’s writings for 31 million dollars at an auction in 1984. The collection gives an insight to the great Leonardo’s mind. After buying it, he scanned the writings and published it online so that is available to everyone for free.
  5. In the first 5 years of Microsoft, he oversaw Microsoft’s code and debugged them personally. He is such a smart programmer that he could check all the programs in his company all by himself.
  6. He has a net worth of over 80 billion dollars but his kids will only inherit 10 million dollar each. He says that leaving your kids a massive amount of money is not a favor to them.
  7. When Steve Jobs was dying of cancer, Bill Gates wrote him a letter which Steve kept beside his bed. In spite of being rivals in the market, they both shared a bond and spent a lot of time together during Steve’s illness.
  8. Bill has an honorary Knighthood from the Queen, received in 2005. But he cannot call himself ‘Sir’ because he is has an American citizenship and one has to be British.
  9. One of his aims is to have no poor countries in the world by the year 2035.
  10. At his wedding, his wife Melinda French rented out all the rooms in the hotel to ensure they had privacy on their wedding day and no journalist could eavesdrop.

Author: GarimaBhaskar

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