Stories that’ll make you think twice before booking your next Uber or Ola. KEEP these in mind to BE SAFE.

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Thanks to the social media and how easy it makes for people to share their experiences, both good and bad ones. A woman, resident of Kondapur booked an Uber to Hyderabad Airport on 19 October 2017. On the way, Prem Kumar (Driver) slowed down and started staring at her from the rear-view mirror. It was after a while that she notices he had unzipped and was doing it all out in the open. She had to threaten him 3-4 times before he stopped the car to let her get off the car.


A journalist had an horrifying experience when she was travelling via Uber on Noida-Greater Noida Expressway at night. First of all, I would like to point out how unsafe and deserted it gets as the sun sets (from my personal experience, I commute almost daily through the expressway). Just after 5 minutes of her ride, the driver stopped the car in the middle of the road saying that the car was out of petrol. He called up some people, probably his friends and started talking to them about having a woman in her car. Thanks to the woman for not losing her senses and taking the right step at the right time by calling up her to friend to pick her up.

The police is irresponsible and the goons of Greater Noida have them under their leash. This year, on the joyous festival of HOLI, I witnessed and experienced as well when  bunch of 10-12 boys come riding on a bike spraying colors on everyone but especially aiming at girls. Where is the police at such instances where it is known before-hand that some trouble might happen.


A girl in her Ola cab noticed something weird with the driver, when she looked closely she saw that he was recording him on his mobile camera. How creepier can it get?


A women booked an Ola in Maharashtra, when her cab arrived two men were already sitting inside an the driver denied to let them out. She threatened to file a complaint against the driver to which the driver didn’t care and told her to go file it anyway!


  • Always share your drive’s status with a family member, a friend or someone you trust. Someone who would snap and be there to rescue you in the blink of an eye.
  • Keep looking on the map to check if he’s driving on the right way, if he moves to a road that doesn’t lead to your destination, don’t panic. Act smart, text the person with whom you shared your drive’s status and tell them to track your location and drive up to block your cab as soon as possible.
  • Before entering into the cab, before your trip starts, call up a trustworthy person and tell them you’re about to sit in and make them note down the car’s number. Make sure the driver hears you talking so that he knows he is being watched.
  • Check for signs. If the driver keeps looking at your from the rear-view mirror and makes you uncomfortable, change your destination and end your trip early. Your safety is worth more than some extra bucks.

Author: GarimaBhaskar

Hey! Good to see you here. I am a person with varied interests. I'm a Software Engineer by the degree and Photographer, Content Writer & Artist by hobby. This is a multi-niche blog where you'll find everything from a smartphone to inspiration. I offer services like Product Photography, Blogger shoots, Graphic Designing and Promotional posts that blend in with the blog's theme. Shoot me a mail at for any queries you might have!

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