Do you think your Education System lacks practical knowledge? Take the control in your hands and be Industry-Ready!

If you are troubled and often find yourself tired of your Education System not helping you in the ways you need, then this post is for you.

Every year, India produces millions of Engineers but 64% of company’s are not satisfied with the quality of graduates they receive. This makes them run a training period for the freshers joining their company, not to get them acquainted with the office’s environment but to bridge the gap of education, to fill the void of practical knowledge that they ideally should have had in their college years itself. All of this leads to them spending more on each new hire, now do you see why freshers aren’t paid much?

No matter what field of education you belong to, this applies to you. If the system isn’t updated doesn’t mean that you can’t be too. It is the era of Internet, from origins of a rock to extra terrestrial life, everything can be looked about in just 2 clicks!

What can you do to make yourself INDUSTRY READY ?

  1. Go beyond the given university syllabus. Broaden your horizons and be hungry for knowledge as you are for a pizza! Just for the sake of certificates, training and courses are a waste of money. Listing them on your CV puts you in a position in which you are assumed to have complete detailed knowledge about that subject and if that’s not the case, that bragging certificate will bore a hole in your resume. Here are some sites from which you can learn more:

Coursera –

Udemy –

edX –

Unacademy –

Udacity – 

2. Have hands-on experience. Start as early as possible. There are plenty of platforms through which you can land an internship that can make all the difference. Without actual practical knowledge, one is just a set of limited books walking around that have no creative thinking of their own to deal with real life situations. 

Internships benefit you in many ways, you get to network! Meet people who are working in your preferred field and have the advantage of gaining the knowledge about how they made to where they are today. What is better than hearing their years’ struggle without having to do it on your own? Also, you will learn how to communicate with people at the office. Its definitely not the same as it is with your peer group. One wrong step and you’re fired! People often complain that the sites are a fraud and they never land an Internship they desire. Well, its a work that needs two to succeed. Your profile on the hiring platforms for internship should be well updated and mature enough to make the company believe you are worthy. Link your LinkedIn account, add your educational qualifications, projects, a decent profile picture and an attractive yet concise ‘about me’. Be in touch with the latest formats of CV in the Industry and follow it religiously.

Here are some sites on which you should have your profile created and applied:

Internshala –

Let’s intern –

Intern Theory –

Twenty19 –

  1. Attend workshops and events. Hundreds of educational events can be found on Facebook. We all are guilty of clicking ‘Interested’ and then never seriously even thinking of going. Thanks to our laziness. Such events are buzzing with new things to learn, there is nothing to lose except your comfy little bed at home sweet home.

  2. Make LinkedIn your second Facebook. Just as your profile on Internship sites, your profile on LinkedIn should be up to date too. Browse profiles of CEO’s and other high ranking officials and see how the details have to be showcased, how your profile should stand out. And please don’t! Don’t put a selfie as your profile picture on LinkedIn. That’s unacceptable. Be regular on LinkedIn just like Facebook. Network, share and comment on posts. Make your presence felt. There is one more advantage, LinkedIn also posts job vacancies and they are genuine (if you are doubting already). Be sure to apply on the ones that match your skills.

  3. Be in touch with your college professors and mentors. College provides you with so many experienced professors who can guide and motivate you in the right direction. At the moment, you might find the idea useless but as you grow, you’ll realize the importance. They are here to help you, all you have to do is JUST ASK!


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