How to be a better blogger

1Schedule your posts


Don’t just write a post once in a blue moon when you feel like it. If you are really passionate about gaining more exposure on your blog then mark the date in the calendar. At regular intervals, keep making posts so that your followers know you exist.

2Go around searching and explore


Go ahead and search the tags that you usually post on your blog and find the people with similar interests on WordPress. You might get inspired by them, learn their style of blogging and don’t forget to compliment them when you like their content. What you give is what you get.

3. Share your blog posts on various Social Media


Though you can get views from WordPress reader but it isn’t enough for the best possible results. Share your blog posts on facebook, google+, tumblr and where ever you’ve an account. Afterall, people will love your content only if it reaches them in the first place.

4. Browse and find the perfect theme


WordPress provides you with such a wide variety of themes to choose from. There’s one for every type of blog, whether it is photography, travel, tech blog or a magazine. Browse the free as well as paid themes to find the one that best suits your niche. Presentation matters along with the content.

5. Keep a regular check of your statistics


People often tend to pay importance to the statistical data of their blogs. Weekly or monthly stats can be very useful. Look out for the posts which get the maximum views, so that you know what people are loving about you. Also, see which countries give you the most readers. Be loved internationally!


17 comments on “How to be a better blogger

  1. Great tips worth sharing and adhering to! Good work Garima!

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  2. Good tips i will try …..plz check my blog and suggest something…

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    • Thanks! Went through your blog, your content is very informative. Now all you need is views, so for that use relevant tags and search other blogs like yours and see how they do it


  3. this is very helpful to newbies like me..thank you

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  4. very nice suggestions..
    Please FOLLOW me on WordPress

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  5. Nice tips 😊

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  6. Great tips, thanks for sharing!


  7. Thank you so much, I cannot say how wonderful these tips are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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