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4 lessons I’ve learnt in 2016

  1. Only you can pull yourself up or push yourself down

No matter how hard your work, how much effort you put in whatever you do, there is always going to be someone who can do it better than you but there are also many compared to whom, you perform better. It’s your choice to be either optimistic and considers only the part where you are better than some or sit and sulk over the fact that there is someone better than you. No one can motivate you more than you yourself.

2. There is no end to studying/ learning

All those years you spent in your school life, hearing from your parents and teachers that you just have to study hard in the school and then ‘just’ college are false. There is no finite end to studies, you learn till the day you die. Studying doesn’t always mean mugging up huge books, quantum physics or computer science, rather it’s the urge to learn something new, out of the box. If studying seems like a burden for you, you’re on the wrong subject, not at the wrong place.

3. Facebook was meant to connect, ‘WAS’

Facebook came into existence with a platform to connect to your loved ones, share pictures and thoughts with everyone at one place easily and get in touch with people all around the globe. But seeing the current situation, I see that it has just become a mode of advertising for various e-commerce websites, shopping stores, entertainment trivia and what not. When was the last time you actually used to Facebook to connect people rather than just scrolling down the feed endlessly hitting LIKE? Communication meant so much more when the only modes were letters, postcards or landlines. A letter or some words of concern from my friend is nothing compared to her like on my post.

4. Smartphones were meant to ease our lives, not to consume them. WAKE UP!

In this era, where you find a plethora of mobile phones from numerous brands with the best specifications, somewhere in this rapid tech development we have entangled ourselves in the tech environment. Smartphones were too meant for connecting to people, get us closer to them, ease our daily lives. And now, our life revolves around it. When was the last time you spent some quality time talking heart to heart with your family with no one buried into their phones? It’s time to realise, let the smartphone aid you in your chores and not let it become a daily chore for you instead.


11 comments on “4 lessons I’ve learnt in 2016

  1. What a lovely post! Well pointed Garima!

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  2. You have learned some major lessons in 2016. They will serve you well. Congratulations.

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  3. Great post!

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  4. I second you on everything you’ve quoted… 🙂 I’m in the process of redemption from all social media… life is way beyond likes shares and posts.. 🙂 great post

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  5. Krishn kant jha

    No one can stop the idea,whose time has come…..reality
    Pointed very well…

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  6. Aditya Raj

    Awesome post…
    Hope the people bogging down under the burden of this burgeoning tech era…take this as a
    wake up call!!!

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  7. Raj Ratna Bhaskar

    Pretty straight from head. And hitting right in mind. Good sharing.


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