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To all the women out there!

You are Brave!


Thought of the day(2)

If someone tells you can’t do it, you need to stop listening to them asap. Even though they have a reason to say so, there’s no one in the universe that can stop you except […]

Things you should know by the time you are in your 20s

Managing your Social accounts This might seem a pretty obvious thing which everyone knows but trust me I have had people ask me when they have no clue what to do when they lose a […]

Everything wrong with Donald Trump, the newly elected President of USA

Presidential Elections results: Trump wins The recently elected President of the United States, Donald Trump has been receiving hate from people all over the globe, yet here he stands. What happened to the people of […]

A deep cellar

Often a getaway to the past,
is a deep cellar
dusty, old, dark

Winters in words

What are winters to you? This is what it is to me, how it feels , in a few lines.