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Yellowstone National Park, every photographer’s dream destination

The Yellowstone National Park, USA is one of the world’s oldest National Park and USA’s first. It was established in 1872. It covers 3,468.4 square miles. The park has canyons, geysers, lush forests, alpine rivers, […]

Stroll with an emu, the flightless bird

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Lazy afternoons in the zoo – Deers

Seeing them in front of my eyes was an experience I can’t define in words though I’m completely against zoos, keeping these beautiful creatures in captivity. How can a deer or a leopard live in […]

Majestic peacock

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Duck Tales

Be like  a duck, paddling and working very hard below the water, but what everyone sees is a smiling and calm face sees is a smiling and calm face. See more at : https://www.instagram.com/garimagreen