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10 Do’s and Don’ts for your building your perfect Résumé

Make a list of your achievements before hand. (Same goes for internships & work experiences) Sort them according to their significance. Don’t include petty achievements that are irrelevant. Describe each of them in a short […]

Things I have learned about Digital Media Marketing

Though it is said that a good quality product or content is enough to make it popular and loved by the audience, every product needs marketing. Marketing has to be done on a combination of […]

Why blogging isn’t as easy as you think

Blogging isn’t as easy as you think. Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea and that too writing on a regular basis to keep the audience engaged. This is an appreciation post to all my […]

Why your blog SHOULD have a subscription pop-up

It can be difficult for people to find a way how to follow your blog and losing people interested in reading your blog is not something you can afford. Although you can customize a follow […]

When in the 3rd year of Engineering, its time to get serious. Trust me!

It’s great if you’re serious about your career plan from the first year of your engineering or college. But if by the time you reach the 3rd year and not a single thought has been […]

How to never run out of ideas for your blog

  Read more: Reading opens up your mind to different concepts and happenings around the world.Be it a novel or a newspaper, when you read something new every day, you’ll get so many thoughts which can […]

Two must-have free editing apps that I recommend

 Snapseed ( Android & iOS ) It is a free app on the Playstore as well as iTunes. The best thing about Snapseed is the number of controls it gives you to play around with […]