Real People, Real Stories ( Part – 8)

Hey, everyone! Are you familiar with the blog post series ‘Real people, Real stories’? It is a series I started back in December 2016 with a wish to get to hear the travel stories from the travellers themselves and see how they photograph their memories on the journey. Today we have someone from Slovenia.

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To forgive & feel, is to be human

The noblest revenge is to forgive -Thomas Fuller How many people are there, against whom you hold grudges? Grudges, hatred are all slow killers for your own self. People make mistakes, you make mistakes. It is the best for everyone to forgive and move on.

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Why your blog SHOULD have a subscription pop-up

It can be difficult for people to find a way how to follow your blog and losing people interested in reading your blog is not something you can afford. Although you can customize a follow button in the side bar of the blog, it can still go unseen. A pop-up should be up on your […]

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First Blogging & Internet marketing workshop in North-East India

The first blogging and internet marketing workshop of North East was held in Guwahati on the 29th and 30th of June 2017. Organised by an independent blog based in the city- Snoozepost ( in association with ETC. The two day workshop covered everything related to internet content creation, from setting up a blog to running […]

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