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Real People, Real Stories (Part 6)

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Today we have a guest who is an engineer & also a passionate photographer or traveller, from a place I have yet to explore. He is from Pune, India.

Name: Dinesh Kumar
Location: Pune, India
He says…
Someone has said “an engineer went on a road trip and a photographer returned” . I don’t know whether I’m eligible to call myself a photographer or not but I have got addicted to traveling and photography after my First Himalayan trek to Chanderkhani pass last year. I started capturing everything that surrounds me. my village river never looked that beautiful to me. may be I have never looked into it in that way.
I had always a desire to explore the unexplored but if you are born in a middle-class Indian family then traveling is not considered as a hobby. its a summer vacation with your family only. but later when I joined my job at Tata motors Limited, Pune, I started again from where I had left. but this time it was western ghats of Maharastra, not Himalayan. in every weekend I packed my bags started exploring different places of western ghats. then I thought why not to share my travel stories with the photos to rest of the world. that’s when my website www.lifeinaframe.in came into existence. every weekend I used to travel a new place and uploaded the photo blogs on my website. days passed by and I kept falling into traveling and photography.
It was summer 2017 and I was planning a long summer trip. after going through a lot of travel blogs I could find so many organizations arranging Leh Ladakh, Himachal, Coorg trips,  which are crowded already. but deep inside I was in search of a place where I could connect to my soul. a place which is underrated yet beautiful. I wanted to travel on my own, I wanted to go where my hearts says. and I started packing my backpack for Meghalaya- Scotland of East. Adobe on clouds.
I traveled more than 700 km in just 4 days and honestly, that wasn’t enough. Starting from east of the mountain range to west, then to southwest and finishing up east. I started as early as a 5’o clock in the morning and called a day at 8’o clock in the night. My fingers lost senses, the foot was sore and my back ached after such long drives. My backpack was too heavy and dragged me down. Was I tired? Did not know. Was I exhausted? Did not matter, many more questions filled my mind, but the answer was always the same: I knew I am alive doing this.
Here are some of his breathtaking photographs!

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Yellowstone National Park, every photographer’s dream destination


The Yellowstone National Park, USA is one of the world’s oldest National Park and USA’s first. It was established in 1872. It covers 3,468.4 square miles. The park has canyons, geysers, lush forests, alpine rivers, hot springs along with hundreds of animal species that are taken care of by the doctors at regular intervals. Construction which could’ve led to commercialization of the park was discouraged at every step. People in charge of taking care of the massive national park are adamant on keeping it unaltered by human interference, relishing its closeness to nature at its best. Some fun facts I learned about this national park,

  • If you drive every road in the park, you would’ve travelled only 1% of the park.
  • It has half of the world’s geysers.
  • It was earlier known by the name ‘Wonderland’.
  • More than a third of Yellowstone, including Grand Prismatic Spring, sets within the caldera of a giant ancient, yet still active volcano.

It is my dream destination to photograph. Come fall in love with nature!

Facts about waves and the unexplored deep oceans

main_web1-800x600If you have ever been to a beach, you would’ve surely loved the feeling of the waves hitting your feet. Pretty soothing, isn’t it? Let me ask you a simple question, What do you think a wave is? Is it the water travelling? Continue reading Facts about waves and the unexplored deep oceans