New Update on Amazon Alexa after it randomly started laughing creepily!

    On 7 March 2017, Wednesday,  a report spread that Alexas were laughing unprovoked and creeping out their owners who shared their queries on Twitter describing the laughs as creepy. Amazon Alexa users began reporting that their devices so frequently that the phenomenon became a Twitter Moment. This latest glitch came days after several users in the US […]

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Why can’t we handle sad people?

This isn’t something I write about every day, but these thoughts cross my mind too often. There are people around me who on hearing the words depression, anxiety act as if its a ghost, they don’t exist. In this lightning speed pace of life, we’ve built for ourselves, issues regarding mental health seem too unimportant […]

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Can you make money from Blogging ? Here is how!

Blogging is a multitasking job, it is definitely not for people who can’t handle more than one kind of work at a time. Being a Blogger, you have to be your own PR, Photographer, SEO Analyst, Content Writer, UI Designer etc. You don’t have anyone else to put the blame on if something goes wrong. Everything […]

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Live to Love, a non profit organisation celebrates Youth

New Delhi, 17th January 2018: Live to Love, a global respected not-for-profit organisation, while launching their India Chapter hosted a search for Delhi’s best college bands for the ‘Celebrating India, Celebrating Youth ’ festival at Weightlifting Indoor Auditorium, Jawahar Lal Nehru (J.L.N) Stadium. This was also part of the celebrations for India’s Independence Day. Live to […]

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