How is Facebook preventing the sharing of explicit content online?

Facebook has come up with a unique method for resolving the issue of sharing porn and other explicit content on the social platform. There have been various instances where people take revenge, over breakups or fights by posting other’s nude pictures. This has a harmful effect on the victim and even makes them socially conservative […]

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Denied a room in the hotel, left on the street. Why?

Did you know that you could be denied a room in some hotels if you’re traveling alone? Ladies next time you travel like an independent and brave women you’re, these hotels will remind you that you should be shut behind doors! But you’ve to prove them wrong anyway. Nupur Saraswat was traveling to Hyderabad when […]

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When everything seems to be against you, think about how the clouds thunder before showering the soothing rain, how the storm comes before the rainbow shines, how the tectonic plates push up against each other before the mightiest mountain can be born, how big the explosion was that led to the formation of ‘life’ as we know it.

If there’s a resistance on your path, you’re going in the right direction.