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Short Read: The power of introverts

Introverts are often looked down by people as shy and not so creative. According to psychology, solitude is considered a vital trait found in the most creative people. In fact, introverts prove to be better […]

To forgive & feel, is to be human

The noblest revenge is to forgive -Thomas Fuller How many people are there, against whom you hold grudges? Grudges, hatred are all slow killers for your own self. People make mistakes, you make mistakes. It […]

Now that’s a 5 star rated Uber Driver! 

Came by this inspiring story of an Uber driver, who drives so that he is able to help pay the fees in order to educate people on Facebook, by Jastej Singh. My faith in humanity […]

When in the 3rd year of Engineering, its time to get serious. Trust me!

It’s great if you’re serious about your career plan from the first year of your engineering or college. But if by the time you reach the 3rd year and not a single thought has been […]

Are we going back to the times when women lived inside 4 walls?

  Just read a post on So Delhi, they sourced it via India Today. Read their complete post here:!/delhi/article/delhi-police-is-now-telling-us-that-banning-ladies-nights-in-hkv-will-solve-all-safety-issues

My degree doesn’t restrict my passion.

Yes, I’m enrolled in a 4-year course, B.Tech in Computer Science and it’s not the only thing I’ll do in my life. This post is for all the people who have asked, are asking or […]

Thought for the day(6)

“​Behold how much wood is kindled by how small a fire, and the tongue is fire- that’s the truth. ” Gilead A  novel by Marilynne Robinson