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Now that’s a 5 star rated Uber Driver! 

Came by this inspiring story of an Uber driver, who drives so that he is able to help pay the fees in order to educate people on Facebook, by Jastej Singh. My faith in humanity is held up by such great souls. Hats off to you Sir! Continue reading Now that’s a 5 star rated Uber Driver! 

Why blogging isn’t as easy as you think

Blogging isn’t as easy as you think. Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea and that too writing on a regular basis to keep the audience engaged. This is an appreciation post to all my fellow blogger friends, my followers and non-bloggers to tell them what hard work a blog demands. Continue reading Why blogging isn’t as easy as you think

Why your blog SHOULD have a subscription pop-up

It can be difficult for people to find a way how to follow your blog and losing people interested in reading your blog is not something you can afford. Although you can customize a follow button in the side bar of the blog, it can still go unseen. A pop-up should be up on your blog after the viewer has spent around 5 seconds. I use MailChimp to organize my pop-up. Keep the pop-up minimalistic, not loaded with information or pushing in about the blog. Make the viewer comfortable knowing that he or she has a choice of either accepting or rejecting the subscription. Having a choice works in a positive way.

Start blogging today

How to be a better blogger
How to never run out of ideas for your blog

When in the 3rd year of Engineering, its time to get serious. Trust me!

It’s great if you’re serious about your career plan from the first year of your engineering or college. But if by the time you reach the 3rd year and not a single thought has been given to what you’ll do, then I’ve something to say to you. Continue reading When in the 3rd year of Engineering, its time to get serious. Trust me!

How to never run out of ideas for your blog


Read more: Reading opens up your mind to different concepts and happenings around the world.Be it a novel or a newspaper, when you read something new every day, you’ll get so many thoughts which can be written down in a blog post. Continue reading How to never run out of ideas for your blog

Yellowstone National Park, every photographer’s dream destination


The Yellowstone National Park, USA is one of the world’s oldest National Park and USA’s first. It was established in 1872. It covers 3,468.4 square miles. The park has canyons, geysers, lush forests, alpine rivers, hot springs along with hundreds of animal species that are taken care of by the doctors at regular intervals. Construction which could’ve led to commercialization of the park was discouraged at every step. People in charge of taking care of the massive national park are adamant on keeping it unaltered by human interference, relishing its closeness to nature at its best. Some fun facts I learned about this national park,

  • If you drive every road in the park, you would’ve travelled only 1% of the park.
  • It has half of the world’s geysers.
  • It was earlier known by the name ‘Wonderland’.
  • More than a third of Yellowstone, including Grand Prismatic Spring, sets within the caldera of a giant ancient, yet still active volcano.

It is my dream destination to photograph. Come fall in love with nature!