Uber Lite app announced which is just 5MB, will go live in India first

Uber has announced a brand new Uber Lite app which is just 5 MB in size. It will work on Android phones natively and will work across networks.

Manik Gupta, who heads Uber’s Product, Maps, and marketplace, said the idea was to cater to the users in markets where most of the phones are old and with limited storage. He said the 150-member engineering team in India will be able to bring better insights on what is needed in a market like this. The Uber Lite app will be available in Delhi, Jaipur, and Hyderabad. Roll out for other cities will start soon.

Gupta said Uber has 75 million active riders at 15 million rides per day. “But still just 1 percent of all miles in the world are on ridesharing platforms,” he said, underlining the opportunity Uber was after. The new app will have maps on demand, connected rides, guided pickups and tap over type. The app will soon have support for regional languages. Uber India figures show that over 70 percent of the Android users in India are on older devices.

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