How To Develop Lightroom Presets & Apply Them On Videos

If you’ve been using Adobe Lightroom to edit your pictures, most probably you’ve created your own set of Presets as well. Presets work like filters you have on any mobile editing app. For example, you have edited a picture, changed tones, hues etc. and you want to apply the same effect on other pictures as well. For this, you can save it as a preset. This will save all the alterations you made in the current picture as a preset of a name of your choice which you can use later easily. The newly saved preset can be seen on the left-hand side panel, under the section of User Presets.

Want to create some Lightroom Presets?

These might help you:

How to develop your own Presets

After you’ve edited a photography and happy with the results, in order to save it as a Lightroom Preset, go to Menu > Develop > New Preset. As simple as that!


Now, to use it on any other picture, just tap on the newly created preset that’ll appear on the left panel under Presets > User Presets.


How to apply Lightroom Presets on Videos

Lightroom doesn’t support editing the videos but there’s a way you can apply your developed Lightroom Preset on a video and perform basic corrections such as brightness, contrast, blacks, and whites. Import the videos you want to work on, staying in the import video, on the right panel you’ll see the option of Quick Develop, under which a tab says Saved Preset, scroll down and you’ll find your presets in the User Presets.

quick develop on lightroom for videos

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