Paytm Introduced Offline Payments with NFC

One97 Communications Limited announced the launch of its offline payments solution – the Paytm Tap Card, to provide easier transactions for customers who don’t have access to internet every time.

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The Paytm Tap card makes use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for quick offline digital payments. To make payments using the card, users can add money from their Paytm account by simply scanning the QR code on the Tap Card and by authenticating it at any of the add value machines (AVM).
This venture of allowing offline payments helps the customers and merchants to a great extent as there are often times when network issues hinder the use of Paytm for making transactions. To gradually spread the use of Paytm Tap card, Paytm is partnering with events & educational institutes to enable quick digital payments using this card. The customer has to tap the card at a merchant terminal to pay, without the need of having an internet connection or even a mobile phone.
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“We are aggressively pushing digital payments to users from every walk of life. There are a large number of people who at times do not have access to the Internet or they have a limited daily budget so they shy away from using online payments. For them, we offer the Paytm Tap Card to enable seamless offline payments. For ensuring a wider acceptance, we are also reaching out to the merchants and are actively enabling them with NFC PoS terminals to accept payments without Tap Card. This is a true testimony of our commitment to understanding the needs of our users and creating innovative solutions around it,” said Kiran Vasireddy, COO of Paytm.

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