Google Home is launching in India on April 10

Google will be launching its Google Home devices, Google Home and Google Home Mini in India on 10 April 2018.
Third party image source
Google Home appeared in 2016, as a hub for the connected smart home. Its a tough competition to the Amazon’s Echo which is powered by the assistance Alexa. Similarly, Google Home is powered by the Google Assistant, whose name isn’t known yet. Users can interact with the device by setting it up to recognise their voice. Once the speaker becomes attuned to their voice, it can understand and implement the commands given. It can play music on request, manage tasks around the house and answer questions that one would generally Google. The base of the Google Home is interchangeable, allowing you to change its colour once in a while, as you wish.

When it comes to the Google Home Mini, similar to the Amazon Echo Dot, it is meant to be used in multiple rooms, making the services of Google Home available to more people in a single house.

Quality Check

Google Home Mini (Third party image source)
Google Home Mini (Third party image source)
Google Home Mini (Third party image source)

Though the textured fabric on the top has a homely feeling to and doesn’t come about as flashy piece of technology, it might be a problem because we all know how easily dust accumulates over a fabric. The base is made out of plastic and has the micro USB port for charging and not a type-C port which is seen nowadays. The Home Mini is available in three colours – Chalk, Charcoal and Coral. All in all the Home Mini looks simple, unique and quite premium. 

Currently, there is no information regarding the pricing of the Google Home and Home Mini. In the US the Google Home is priced at $129 (roughly Rs. 8,400) and the Google Home Mini comes for $49 (roughly Rs. 3,200). There is also no word on whether the Wi-Fi-enabled smart speakers will be available only via offline stores or if there will be an online sale as well.
Third party image source

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