Real People, Real Stories ( Part – 10 )

Hey everyone! It has been a really long time that I did a post in this series, apologies! I’ve been into photography for as long as I remember, but the love has grown manifold in a couple of months. I’ve been binge watching Photography, Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials on YouTube. That’s when I came across The Bite Shot and she had me subscribed in a minute. Her tutorials are super easy to understand and her photographs are beyond amazing. If you are new here, following are the previous posts in the Real People, Real Stories series:

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So, let us get to know her better!

Name: Joanie Simon

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Website:  &

Instagram: thebiteshot

Youtube: The Bite Shot & Joanie Simon

A little introduction about yourself and what you do

Untitled designI’m Joanie,  a food photographer, and blogger living in Phoenix, Arizona with my husband and two sons.  I love teaching people food photography techniques on YouTube and connecting with other creative people.

How & when were you introduced to Food Photography

I first starting taking pictures of food when I started a personal blog while living in New York City.  I was sharing my experiences with my family back home and a lot of what I was excited to share was food.  Eventually, that morphed into a dedicated food blog and as much as I loved sharing recipes, I almost loved the photography aspect more.

What were the obstacles, if any, and how did you overcome them

Every day is an obstacle if you let it.  Sharing your creative work can be very challenging, mostly because of continual battles with self-doubt.  Ever artist experience this.  It’s also difficult to launch a business around your creative passion.  The work a photographer creates is personal to some extent, even if it’s the client’s vision.

What are the essential skills or gear to have for Food Photography

If you’re looking to get serious about food photography, I highly recommend getting a 50mm f1.8 lens for your camera.  It’s going to be the most universal lens and will provide a lot of flexibility.  I also think a diffuser and reflector is a food photographer’s best friend for controlling light and shadows.

Something you would like to say to the budding Food Photographers

Untitled design (1)To anyone just starting out in food photography, my best advice is to keep with it.  You’re going to be frustrated with your work more often than not.  There is a lot to learn, but you can’t learn it in one training or overnight.  It takes a lot of practice, patience, and commitment.  But, in time, you’ll start to see the results of your hard work and it will be worth every ounce of frustration you experienced.

What are you most grateful for and to what do you owe your success

I have an incredible partner, my husband, who is supportive of my creativity and my business.  Even when it seemed like a crazy idea to pursue food photography professionally, he was my biggest cheerleader and pushed me to take risks.  He’s also my most honest critic, not allowing me to settle for second best.

*Thank you, Joanie, for doing this interview! I’ll be your loyal subscriber*

Her work!



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  1. I learned a lot just from this one video! I’m going to blame all my ugly food pics on a lack of a diffuser ( or a sheet over the light source). Also going to try the black and white sheets of paper.

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