New Update on Amazon Alexa after it randomly started laughing creepily!


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On 7 March 2017, Wednesday,  a report spread that Alexas were laughing unprovoked and creeping out their owners who shared their queries on Twitter describing the laughs as creepy. Amazon Alexa users began reporting that their devices so frequently that the phenomenon became a Twitter Moment. This latest glitch came days after several users in the US had reported that Alexa had lost its voice on Amazon smart speakers. Amazon replied to the issue quickly and said  the problem was that Alexa was just mishearing people, so the simpler command “Alexa, laugh,” was changed to “Alexa, can you laugh?” Furthermore, Alexa will no longer just laugh when you ask her to. She’ll say “Sure, I can laugh,” and then laugh. With these changes, Alexa will never be a disembodied phantom chuckler again. Amazon later told media in a statement that the outbursts are due to its smart speakers hearing accidental orders. “In rare circumstances, Alexa can mistakenly hear the phrase ‘Alexa, laugh.

A few days after this was reported a new feature was rolled out. The feature doesn’t fix the untimely laughs but makes Alexa’s life simpler & better. The new feature adds the ability to listen to back-to-back commands on the Echo speaker. This can be enabled by switching on its follow up mode and then you can give multiple commands at once without having to repeatedly say ‘Hey, Alexa’.  To ensure that the speaker is listening one just has to check whether the blue indicator is on.

However, if you’re listening to music or playing audiobooks, the speaker will not wait for a follow-up.