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‘Stress-Out’ Workshop for women, organized by Meshlinks

Women have always been an essential part of the Indian economy in terms of their contributions in multiple professional and social capacity. As mothers, teachers and homemakers they have strongly held the family and value system that forms an essential part of our lifeline. In their day to day life, women often brave challenges and face problems that have lead to a growing concern on their health due to stress.

On women’s day this year, ‘stress amongst women’ should be discussed in light of helping them find solutions to deal with it. While lots have been written by clinical psychologists, counsellors and experts, managing it is a routine exercise and needs scientific training method at various levels.

At Meshlinks, they believe that managing stress is equally important as solving day to day problems at work or at home. As professional trainers, they have researched and deep dive into the causes and symptoms of stress amongst women. Keeping their findings and feedback from women across multiple backgrounds they have formulated a workshop ‘Stress-Out’ to help women across age groups identify, understand and manage stress. The idea is to enable them to apply simple tools to deal with stress in a scientific manner with the help of tools and concepts trained by experienced and well-qualified experts from Meshlinks.



workshopStress-Out has 3 modules, how to handle workplace communication in a stress situation, clinical techniques to handle body and stress, and image management. “The idea for this workshop was to help bring a new and contemporary perspective to manage stress amongst urban women in India. We have successfully held workshops for 300 women participants in 3 months and the feedback is overwhelming”, comments Shipal Shah, founder, Meshlinks.


Bhuvaneshwari Sawant & Sonal Gadhvi, Chief Image Consultants for Stress-Out workshops, comment, “We joined this stress eradication revolution with MESHLINKS to remind women of their self-worth and achieve all those dreams that they had forgotten about through our unique holistic approach of Image Management”.




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