Make your Instagram Stories creative! Here’s how everyone is animating their stories

Francesca M. HealyI have been looking for a way to animate or create attractive stories for my Instagram for so long. You might have seen too, that recently mainstream bloggers have begun to post a different kind of Insta stories which have animated text, moving images etc. If you directly ask them, they might not spill the beans. But no worries! I’ve got you covered. There are many apps on the playstore that claim to edit Instagram stories but are fake. I’ve personally tried all these apps to bring you the ones who work for sure. All of the listed apps are free to use with no watermarks though some in-app purchases might be there.

All the listed apps are free to use!

Adobe Spark Post

Before I begin, this app is only available on iOS. It has numerous templates to choose from and categories such as featured, collages, seasonal, lifestyle, business, school, travel, food and craft. You can animate or apply effects to both your text or your image in the background. To use an image, you have the options of importing one from your gallery, searching free photos from Adobe Stock, Lightroom, Creative Cloud or even patterns and solid colours inbuilt in the app. There is no control over the quality of exports you do. The videos aren’t of the HD quality but good enough to view on a smartphone screen. Here is a sample!

Download Adobe Spark Post for iOS


This app lets you add very realistic sparkles to your pictures and videos. It is great for when you’re going out to party in a shiny dress, fairy lights decorations, jewellery and anything that is shiny. You’ve 3 levels of sparkles to choose from that determine their size varying from small, medium to big. They don’t look over the top. Here is a sample!

Android Alternative – KiraDroid – Glitter Camera

Download Brillar for iOS


This app has an amazing set of text animations that you can either apply on a picture of yours or on a solid background. Although you don’t have the option to choose custom colours, the available combinations of background and text colours are pretty great. There are about 20 text animation styles available. You can export the animation in two formats – square and landscape. The video quality available is 512p, 720p and 1080p. Using Legend app, you can animate only your texts and not the picture itself. The export quality is commendable (either a GIF or a video), surely worth a try.


Sample that I made on Legend in 512p and saved as a GIF


Download Legend for Android

Download Legend for iOS


InShot is an all in one app. You can edit photos as well as videos. Adjust the canvas size to 9:16, which is the Instagram Story ratio. It has various trending filters such as snowflakes, glitch, stars etc. The background can either be a solid colour of your choice or the same video blurred out. Here is a sample!

Download Inshot for Android

Download InShot for iOS


I’ve written about Canva before too when I was talking about designing Media Kits ( What to do when a BRAND approaches you with a proposal ). You can either use the website of Canva or their app to edit. They’ve templates for Instagram stories along with beautiful free imagery and fonts. The pictures exported are of great quality.

Templates on

Download Canva for Android

Download Canva for iOS

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