Why can’t we handle sad people?

people-3112339_1280This isn’t something I write about every day, but these thoughts cross my mind too often. There are people around me who on hearing the words depression, anxiety act as if its a ghost, they don’t exist. In this lightning speed pace of life, we’ve built for ourselves, issues regarding mental health seem too unimportant to care. But mental health makes all the difference is everything you do each day.

I can’t name the people so let’s assume two people A and B were talking about another person named C. I hear them talking about how stupid it is for C to say she was feeling depressed and is just a way to seek attention. One of them said, “She was fine the last time I saw her! Buying groceries and we even had a good chat.” A depressed person is still a person who needs groceries for food to intake. It takes immense courage for someone to trust you enough to share their true feelings, please don’t judge them and say it’s fine. This is the worst thing you can ever say. We can’t perfect all the things around us, the perfect Instagram filter, popular hashtags, things don’t work that way in the real life. There is no single definition of what depression is because there isn’t anything in depression itself. It’s numb. It’s empty. It’s hollow. At the end of the day when you’re not feeling your best self, memes or YouTube videos don’t really make any difference. You know what does? Having someone to talk to even if you don’t want to talk. We have become so repellent to sad thoughts and people, why should I burst my bubble of happiness just to comfort you in your brooding? I heard this quote recently and it has never left my mind since,

“If you have a choice of being right or being kind, choose kind”

It’s from the movie- Wonder.

Don’t be indulged in yourself and your comforts. There might be a day when you are in their shoes, alone. If everything in the world is going well for you that doesn’t mean it is for others too. Be kind. Be patient. Lend an ear. Let’s talk about depression as it should be. Don’t hush people saying its irrelevant. Don’t call them mad for not feeling as happy as you are.

We, as humans, are social beings. But are we really social ? or social for the sake of social media?