What to do when a BRAND approaches you with a proposal

When a Brand approaches youHey! Kudos to you for putting in that hard work in your blog, now you get the recognition you always wanted. I was the same clueless as you are right now, so don’t worry it is normal. Here I will explain what you have to do when a Brand approaches you with a proposal and how do brand collaborations work. They have been working out good for me and I hope they’ll do the same for you. If you haven’t got a collaboration request yet, then you should know the following beforehand as well. Let’s begin…

  • Quick replies

Most probably the brand will contact you via email. Be quick to reply, don’t take more than 3 hours to reply. Draft an email with a content that in general would work with any kind of brand or proposal. For example, it can go on like: “Thank you for reaching out. This sounds great. Can you send me more information on the deal you’re offering? Here is my contact number.” This can really come in handy. You can add in the specifics according to each email later. Also, always begin with a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey’ and end with ‘Thanks & Regards’. It looks really unprofessional if you just type out the email and hit send. You’re not texting your friend here. This proposal is beneficial to both sides and it should be valued. With this reply email, attach your Media Kit. What is a Media Kit? See below!

  • Media Kit

If you have been blogging for a while, then you might be familiar with the term ‘Media Kit’. Just like a normal CV, Media Kit is a CV of Bloggers. Unlike the usual CV, you can get really creative with your Media Kit. There’s no restriction on what colours to use or what font to apply. It should contain statistics about your Blog, build a powerful identity, show them that you know what you’re doing and you’re the best at it. Add in a list of all the brands or known companies you have collaborated with earlier. Last but not the least, decide on some packages you can offer for collaboration and explain them in brief. They can be a detailed Blog Post or social media shoutouts. I made mine using Canva, they have amazing templates for Media Kits, check them out here: Media Kit Templates on Canva

Garima Shares Media Kit
Here is the first page of my Media Kit. I made it using Canva
  • Price wisely

Price wisely. You can either keep a fixed price for your services or decide on the charges according to each proposal. If you’re planning on doing the latter, then I want to suggest you some things. Check out the company’s website and social media pages to analyze how engaging they are with the people. On the website, if there is a blog section, check out if they have worked with any blogger before. Weigh your options, is this deal benefitting you or the company more? Price accordingly. A quick tip: If a non-profit organization, an NGO approaches you with a proposal and there cause & morals match with you, do it for free maybe? That’s what I do. It is not always about the money.

  • Keep Calm 

This might look like a useless advice but it holds importance. Though your natural reflex to receiving a proposal is excitement and immense joy, don’t let that take the control of you. While emailing them or having a conversation over the phone, maintain a professional tone. Too much happiness shown in your voice would degrade your brand value. Act glad to have received their email but not YAY AWESOME!

Work your way to those collaborations by going through the rest of my blogging guides!


Author: GarimaBhaskar

Hey! Good to see you here. I am a person with varied interests. I'm a Software Engineer by the degree and Photographer, Content Writer & Artist by hobby. This is a multi-niche blog where you'll find everything from a smartphone to inspiration. I offer services like Product Photography, Blogger shoots, Graphic Designing and Promotional posts that blend in with the blog's theme. Shoot me a mail at garimashares@gmail.com for any queries you might have!

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