How to enrol in the FREE Google Digital Unlocked Certification about Online Marketing Fundamentals

bar-local-cong-ireland-38286Knowledge from any source is important and equally valuable. The Internet is the ultimate teacher and has gazillion websites providing courses and certifications. Google has been taking different measures to ensure that the youth gets access to free courses and opportunities to advance their skill set.

What is the course about?

Google Digital Unlocked is a course for web developers, businessmen and women and anyone who is interested in Digital Marketing. Digital unlocked is an initiative by Google working with Indian School of Business and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to spread awareness about the importance of digital marketing and help budding startups to boom with applying the skills. It was launched in India in January 2017 by the CEO, Sundar Pichai. After the successful completion of the course, a certification is issued by FICCI to the learner.

The course has the following 26 topics:

  1. The online opportunity
  2. Your first steps to online success
  3. Build your web presence
  4. Connect through email
  5. Get started with search
  6. Get discovered with search
  7. Make search work for you
  8. Be noticed with search ads
  9. Improve your search campaigns
  10. Get started with analytics
  11. Find success with analytics
  12. Get noticed locally
  13. Help people nearby find you
  14. Get noticed with social media
  15. Deep dive into social media
  16. Discover the possibilities of mobile
  17. Make mobile work for you
  18. Advertise on other websites
  19. Deep dive into display advertising
  20. Expand internationally
  21. Make the most of video
  22. Build your online shop
  23. Sell more online
  24. Plan your online strategy
  25. Get started with content marketing
  26. Turn data into insights

At the beginning of the course, you are asked what all you want to learn about and the topics get filtered accordingly giving you a course that is tailor-made for you. I’ve done the course with all 26 topics included and it has been great for me. Though you can also get the info searching on other websites as well but the advantage here is that you’ve all that you want to learn about under the same roof, explained in the easiest way possible. And what more? You earn a certificate too after completing it. Every topic has 3-6 chapters inside and at the end of each chapter, there are practical real-life problems that you have to solve. Also, there is a topic assessment test at the end of each topic. As you go on completing topics, you earn badges. After earning all the badges your final certification exam gets unlocked which has about 40 MCQ questions. There is no time limit on the course so you can continue where you left off at any time.

Here is the certificate that I earned, for some motivation!

google certi

How to Enrol yourself?

Liking what the course offers? Enrol yourself!

Click here to enrol in the FREE Google Digital Unlocked Certification

( Make sure to log in to the Google or any other email account which you use most often and won’t delete in recent future. Deletion of the account would remove you from the course too. Check your Country marked at the end of the page of the course )



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