A catchy short video intro to your Blog! WHY YOU NEED IT

Hey everyone! I am always searching new ways of getting new subscribers to the blog and attracting the older ones back to the blog to check out the new content I have posted. If you go through the same thing then I’ve a great idea to share with you!

As we know, when it comes to marketing and promotions of a blog, we typically use graphics and text. Rarely anyone has ever used a video on their blog. A video is one of the most interactive media forms that can grab eyeballs of your potential subscribers. A small video introduction to your blog, of about 10-15 seconds at max can help the viewer understand what your blog is about in a smaller time as compared to him or her scrolling through your blog posts. Bloggers spend so many efforts on developing relevant content that the viewers will love. It’s equally essential to market it with the same amount of efforts.

Here is an introduction video I made for my blog: (it is on my sidebar too)

Did you like it? It is small, simple and provides an overview in a matter of seconds. Go ahead and make one for yours too and I am sure it will be very beneficial for your blog. And hey, if you need any help then I can make a video for you in just $10. It is completely customizable. Fill in the form below to get your video intro made today