Short Read: Where to find the MOTIVATION you always needed

Hey you! How have you been? 

The difference between what different people achieve is because of how motivated they are towards their goal. It can be quite hard to find your motivation. You might watch videos, read books or read articles like this one here to find your motivation. Let me tell you where the strongest source of your motivation lies…

It lies within you!

You’re the planet’s most advanced species, take pride in that. Great achievers are never satisfied with their first try. There is always a scope for betterment. I read this quote recently,

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm”

by Winston Churchill

Do you want to achieve something big? Then you’ve to stop making the same decisions that you’ve been taking forever. Same efforts won’t lead to a different outcome. If taking a step forward makes you afraid, afraid of whether you’ll succeed or not then YOU MUST GRAB IT ASAP! The more it scares you, the more you need to do it. You won’t bloom in your comfort zone, no one ever has. Its just the matter of crossing that comfort zone’s line, your goal lies ahead. Is there something you always wanted to try out but have never done till now because you’re waiting for the right time? If you wait today, you’ll be waiting forever. There is no right time. The right to begin was yesterday not tomorrow. Life as we know it is quite unpredictable. It might seem too philosophical but it is true, a small step outside your comfort zone takes you leaps ahead towards your goal. Don’t let others make decisions for you. Listen to everyone and do what your heart says.