How to link Google Search Console to your WordPress Blog (not self hosted)

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console comes in as a very handy tool to help your blogs get indexed which results in better visibility among internet users.  It is a free service offered by Google. It helps you get detailed information about your site’s visitors, what do they interact with, from where are they accessing your site: Desktop or a smartphone and how your site performs while browsing.

Why you should be using it?

You’ll get to know what are the keywords that bring traffic to the website during an organic search process, number of sites that provide you with backlinks and let you know if your website is suffering from any mobile usability issues. Also, info about which pages of the blog or site got indexed will be known and stored.

How to start using it on your WordPress Blog that isn’t Self-Hosted?

Firstly, you should have an account. Simply Sign-in here with your Gmail account. Go to the option that lets you add a new property or a website and type in your blog’s address. After this, you have to verify that it is your own website i.e, verify your ownership. There are two ways of doing that, either upload an HTML document that will be provided to you or insert a simple meta tag.


As we are not self-hosting the blog, we have the option of meta tag available to use. Copy the meta tag provided and log in to WordPress. Go to ‘Settings’ on ‘My site’. It is located on the left sidebar you get and at the second last position. You’ll see 4 options at the top: General, Writing, Discussion and Traffic, go to Traffic and scroll down. There will be various Site verification services listed. The first one is for Google Search console. Here you can paste the copied meta tag and complete the verification process.

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Happy Blogging!