How to stop being tired all the time and be successful

The difference between you and successful people like J.K. Rowling and Elon Musk is not that you are any smart or you lack motivation and it isn’t even your work ethics. It is that you are constantly tired. You have to stop your tiredness no. You want to do a lot of things but you don’t have the energy to do them on a daily basis. Here, you’ll see some methods using which you can stop feeling tired all the time and regain back your energy and be successful in life.


Respect your body’s sleep cycle or else you will always wake up tired. Though you might wake up early in the morning by your alarm clock but you may still feel exhausted and not as fresh on waking up. During your sleep there are different stages based on the brain activity. If you wake up soon enough, in the middle of the deep sleep phase in the sleep cycle, you’ll wake up feeling tired and awful. Avoid using alarm clocks, let the body get tuned to the natural sleep cycle completion. Ignore using anything that makes you too engaged to go to bed in night at the right time. For example, your smartphone or laptop.



One more thing you can do to freshen up your brain is to go outside and have a 20 minute walk. Humans used to trek miles to hunt in the ancient times and our bodies are made to move. That’s why when you don’t move around much, you may feel tired.


Sunlight exposure is also very important. Sunlight helps your body correctly time its production of melatonin which is a hormone that help you maintain your sleep and circadian rhythm which helps you stay in sync with day and night. It is also the main source of vitamin D for your body that keeps your bones healthy, immune system working and avoids fatigue.

Hope these tips help you be more energetic and lets you do the things you wish to do everyday that will lead you to becoming successful.


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