Google just launched 130,000 scholarships with Udacity & Pluralsight. Grab the opportunity!

Two years ago Sundar Pichai and Narendra Modi agreed to initiate a large scale educational program in India. Seeing successful India minds in tech giants worldwide, India surely has the best minds but the universities lack innovation in their curriculum. About 1/3rd of the IT professionals have to re-skilled. Google has previously launched various programs to support the startup boom and created an innovation hub in India for both Software and Android Developers. Through these certification programs, half a billion developers have been benefited.

This is one of the largest scholarship program Google has ever announced, that is removing the cost barrier for students who are hungry for knowledge but lack behind due to financial boundaries. Google & Udacity will be providing 100 full nanodegrees and 300 scholarships. Google & Pluralsight will be providing 100,000+ activations on the Pluralsight technology platform for one year.

With such measures taken by the Google, people are getting an opportunity to change their lives! One such story is of a boy named Jimit whose father is a mechanic and naturally he got trained for being a mechanical as well. But his true passion lied in becoming a developer. That is when he came across a course offered by Google online. He went to another city to find high speed internet and successfully made his dreams turn into reality.

These scholarships are useful to professionals as well, in order to keep in touch with the latest technology around us.

In case you’re wondering if nano-degrees even matter when it comes to getting a job, it does. Being an Engineering student myself, I have experienced what we’re taught according to our state university’s syllabus. The emphasis is on learning programming languages like C and C++ whereas the industry demands skills like Machine Learning, Data Science, Full Stack Android Development and Artificial Intelligence. Companies looking for such skilled employees have been aggressively hiring people only on the basis of nano-degrees. So, you have no reason to have a second thought about applying for one yourself!



Author: GarimaBhaskar

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  1. Thanks for the info. I too have been looking for learning programming language and animation. So would probably try this out.


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