What should you SPEND MONEY on, Camera or Lens?

People pay more attention to buying an expensive camera, spending all their savings on it and then with the leftover money, they buy the lens. However, it should be other way round. Because camera just records the image with the help of it’s shutter whereas lens does all the major work. It determines the quality of the pictures. There are plenty of camera models available in the market and there are new ones coming in very often, so they can become outdated pretty soon as compared to lenses which can last for years! So, its a wise decision to buy just a good enough camera and spend the larger share of your hard earned money on getting lenses.

What is Kit lens?

Kit lens is the one that is accompanied with the camera body in order for it to sell to the customers. Usually, the kit lens lack in quality when their performance is matched with lenses bought separately which are made of high quality glass as lens’ element.

What are fast and slow lenses?

An average fast lens is around f/2.8 and the fastest can be around f/1.2. The terms f/2.8 and f/1.2 denote the aperture, which is responsible for giving a beautiful depth of field in your photographs by giving you a blurred background. A fast lens or a lens with maximum of f/1.2 can pass through more light and is a measure of how fast it can click a picture. Hence, it is better to use large aperture lenses for low light photography. The cheaper lenses have the maximum aperture of f/4 to f/5.6. They are slower and can result in blurry images especially when you’re shooting with the camera in your hands and not on a tripod.

The conclusion is buy smarter, go for choosing the lens according to what you are going to shoot and don’t spend everything on a fancy camera that leaves you with a penny for your lens!

Hope you found this useful.