How to find good locations anywhere for Portrait Shoots. ANYWHERE.

Hey everyone! This post is for every photographer out there who finds it difficult to get a place for their shoot, for the models to know where they’ll look the best and for the rest of you so that you can tell others as well.

Normally, people think that you need a picturesque location for the best shot possible. Though such perfect locations would definitely give you amazing pictures, they are not the ONLY places you need. Every day, around you there are tremendous opportunities. I believe, being a photographer, having a creative is a MUST. This should aid you to find the little beautiful spots for your pictures anywhere in the city or in a public park.

If you’re shooting outside, near buildings or houses. Look for the corners, trees, fences, road signs, pretty walls (not an entire wall, just enough to fill your frame).

Where there are trees, there will be shadows. The combination of sunlight and shadows result in great pictures. Get under or behind a tree to find the spot where the light/shadows fall on your model’s face or body and then move your camera around to experiment & find where it looks the best. Make sure that the shadows don’t hide the important parts like the eyes or the lips, they should be placed perfectly.

Source: Pinterest

Play with the sunshine! Ditch the rules of shooting with the sunlight falling on the face, turn around and let the sun be in your background for that warm sunny day feels in your pictures. Shooting in Manual settings, set the shutter speed accordingly so that picture isn’t too exposed or under. Tell your model to flip her hair, laugh and be as comfortable as he or she can be. You can even get a nice bokeh effect in the background!

Picture Credits: caliallstaring
Picture Credits: caliallstaring

Look out for flowers and tall bushes! Including flowers and leaves in your pictures can take them to a whole new level. Direct your model to get in a little so that it looks like she’s coming out of them. Don’t let the plant stand flat behind her, make sure both of them are into each other. Shoot through flowers and leaves for the best results!

Picture Credits: caliallstaring
Picture Credits: caliallstaring
Picture Credits: caliallstaring

Plain walls or closed shop’s shutters! Look for a clean piece of wall to place your model. The negative space draws attention to the model and acts as a pleasant background as well. The lighting should be bright enough so that wall’s color pops. Shoot at the eye level for best results.

Picture Credits: caliallstaring
Picture Credits: caliallstaring
Picture Credits: caliallstaring

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